Joe Gore gesticulates

Photo by Tracy Chapman

Most of my writing — both fiction and non-fiction — is about music and sound.

I’ve written over 1,500 published articles. I’ve interviewed rock stars and has-beens, executives and flunkies, bona-fide geniuses and flavor-of-the-week phonies. I received two National Music Journalisms Awards during my tenure as senior editor at Guitar Player magazine. I’e also served as senior editor at Premier Guitar.

I’ve also written extensively for such corporate clients as Apple, Digidesign and Yamaha. Examples are posted at the Clubbo Creative Consultants site.

It’s easier to catalog my fiction because there’s less of it. I recently completed my first novel, The Clubbo Story, a tale of musical forgery set against the backdrop of a dying music industry. [Here’s an excerpt in PDF format.] It’s one facet of the Clubbo project, a sprawling “music fiction” collaboration between me, Elise Malmberg, and a cabal of gifted musicians and graphic artists. It’s fun writing for Clubbo, because it’s an interesting mix of music journalism and fiction — minus the self-seriousness those fields can sometimes invite. [Read more about Clubbo.]