Boring Boost & Buff


Boring, Yet Useful

 Like a dull person makes everyone else at the party seem interesting, Boring makes your other pedals more compelling. It’s two tools in one: a transparent buffer and a clean JFET boost.

 It’s tough to predict whether a buffer will help or hurt your tone—it depends on your other pedals and your tastes. But this buffer is switchable—let your ear decide! Meanwhile, the boost adds treble air and low-mid clarity, counteracting the tone-dulling effect of multiple pedals.

 With Boring at the front of your chain, you can leave the boost at a moderate setting for improved clarity, or floor it to drive downstream pedals and amps. At the end of your chain, Boring is a master volume control, a potent clean boost, and a way to maintain tone over long cable runs. For maximum boredom, use one at the front AND one at the end.

TO USE: Set boost to desired level. Toggle the buffer switch. One setting will sound better. Use that one. Boring was voiced for vintage-output pickups. (It works fine with louder ones, but don’t crank it as high.)Red LED = boost only. Green LED = buffer only. Orange LED = boost plus buffer. No LED = Bypass

 Joe Gore, San Francisco